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im back Love

Av loren adams - 31 mars 2016 15:35

 I feel worried when you didn't write me..

 that was why i sent such mail to you,...Im sorry

i was worried here when i didn't hear from you.
 i cant leave you honey..we are family

only you in my whole World Honey.
I Love You Honey

We need to have confident in our doing love
that is the most important thing

i can do anythin to make you happy often
I Trust You ..and base on that..pls dont let me down

i wish you can or understand all my efforts here as a man..doing is best for his wife.

i love you for your sincere concer

You made me happy every day and i promised not to hurt you and be honest

You are the only Love of my Life

With all my Heart..I do Love You More

You are the Best



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Av loren adams - 20 maj 2016 22:46

  i have submitted my retirement letter already

Av loren adams - 27 april 2016 14:34

Wake up my dear, To this beautiful morning dew,Wakeup sweetheart,As everything is so new,Wakeup to the wonderful sun rays,As I wish you have a beautiful day,A very good morning to you! My Queen and my evrythin   ...

Av loren adams - 27 april 2016 07:06

B-52 was sent to destroy an IS weapons storage facility in the Iraqi town of Qayyarah, about 35 miles (60 kilometers) south of Mosul    Washington (AFP) - The US Air Force for the first time deployed a B-52 bomber against the Islamic State, the P...

Av loren adams - 24 mars 2016 08:14


Av loren adams - 12 mars 2016 08:51

Hi Honey..I pray you can see my message text me back when you can is been a while i saw you honey   im fine honey..finally back to Kabul. im here relaxin and readin my mails ...

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