Alla inlägg den 21 september 2015

Av loren adams - 21 september 2015 16:06

  Among the tens of thousands fleeing war and despair in the Middle East, one group feels a special relief in reaching Europe: those who have escaped areas ruled by Islamic State extremists and the harsh scrutiny of their religious police. These refugees tell of how a Western-style haircut, a pair of jeans or a simple interaction with the opposite sex can lead to punishment by the Hisba, the branch of enforcers carrying out a brutal interpretation of Islamic Shariah law. More than 175,000 Syrians and nearly 10,000 Iraqis have made the dangerous sea journey to Greece this year, part of a massive influx fueled in part by Syria's civil war, now in its fifth year. Many are fleeing the onslaught from President Bashar Assad's military against opposition-held cities, particularly the terror and often random destruction inflicted by its barrel bombs. But some are trying to escape a different type of fear that took hold in the ruined landscape of the Islamic State's self-declared "caliphate" across parts of Syria and Iraq.

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