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Av loren adams - 28 februari 2015 16:01

I arrived back to kabul , i have two days to spent here in kabul and hopefully i will be going back to kunar by Monday.

i ought to be in kunar on Monday...i got signal that i need to be there..  i will be leaving very soon again
we haven't finished moving all the equipment


Av loren adams - 26 februari 2015 12:32

The Afghan government is to hold peace talks with the Taliban leadership following a strategic dialogue with neighbouring Pakistan, the country's chief executive Dr Abdullah Abdullah confirmed on Monday morning.

During a meeting of Afghanistan's Council of Ministers, Dr Abdullah said the talks will begin in the next few days.

His announcement has yet to be confirmed by the Taliban, but signals from Pakistan's military establishment indicate a transformation in relations between the neighbours following years of mutual suspicion throughout former president Hamid Karzai's tenure.


Dr Abdullah Abdullah (R), meets with Pakistan army chief General Raheel Sharif (L) in Kabul

Av loren adams - 23 februari 2015 11:34

Hello sweetheart,I'm  still in kunar .We haven't done yet moving of the heavy equipment .it might take extra more weeks.but I'll let you know immediately when i get back to Kabul.thanks for your pictures,you are beautiful.


Av loren adams - 23 februari 2015 07:59

Hello Sweetheart.thanks for your message .i only have access to internet once a day.your thought fill my heart here .i know you are so busy and i understand your doing .i will be back to Kabul on Sunday.i can't wait to chat with you my love .


Av loren adams - 20 februari 2015 08:28

  Hello sweetheart,i don't have access to the internet here in kunar.i do go to the city to email you.I'll will be back on Saturday or Sunday .Do you still have the information of the airline?Let me know ok?i love you more.

Av loren adams - 19 februari 2015 08:13

Hi love
your thought fill my heart my wife.I'm very busy at kunar hopefully I'll be back to Kabul this weekend ..I will be back from kunar on Saturdays ..i will be able to talk to you ..Love you so much

Av loren adams - 18 februari 2015 08:27

Death leaves a heartache no one can heal,

Love leaves a memory no one can steal.
Av loren adams - 17 februari 2015 16:04

  American and Afghan commandos have sharply intensified raids against al-Qaida after killing an al-Qaida leader last fall and seizing his computer.

It contained valuable information about al-Qaida’s operations in both Afghanistan and Pakistan.


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