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Av loren adams - 29 november 2014 05:11

“Who is in charge of the clattering train?
The axles creak and the couplings strain,
and the pace is hot and the points are near,
and sleep hath deadened the driver's ear,
and the signals flash through the night in vain.
For death is in charge of the clattering train.”

Edwin J. Milliken, quoted by Winston Churchill in the House of Commons, 19 March 1935


Av loren adams - 28 november 2014 11:59

Follow your heart beat..  and listen to your Soul and Spirit..
You will know that there are several ways God has designed you
to overcome difficulties


Av loren adams - 27 november 2014 10:40

With SGT Ellis


Av loren adams - 27 november 2014 10:37


Av loren adams - 27 november 2014 10:31



Av loren adams - 25 november 2014 06:32

Wishing a Blessed Thanksgiving.


Av loren adams - 24 november 2014 11:48

I'm sorry i couldn't come back yesterday..i came back around 11pm your time and i know
you will be sleeping by then..You ought to know that i am super busy nowadays.
You are behind my success Love
Your doing makes me happy here all the time.
because you are the only woman holding the key of my heart
I know already that you are for me is Real.
that was why i will make sure you are happy
with my doings
I am so happy for making it 
nothing is getting wrong
and it's wonderful to have an Angel in my life.
remember.. whatever happens.. I will keep loving you
happiness will happen okay?

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