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Av loren adams - 29 augusti 2014 11:41

My daughter stands out in the Easter Parade/

You certainly couldn't have missed her/

She's the one in her first pair of high-heeled shoes/

Who walks with a limp from the blister
  By Penny.

Av loren adams - 18 augusti 2014 09:18

I am fine
I am happy ofcourse..because i know for sure my Time is up
everything is set here
I been on patrol..and i took a nap..just waken up not quite long

i am happy here about my coming home.

it's time for me to come home.i have tried.
i have been here for 4 yers now.
i have tried to serve the animals
I am going out again soonest... security issues for now
and few lectures.
on animal cares.. General
i can't wait to be home
that's how i feel in my heart.

Av loren adams - 12 augusti 2014 21:53

it was horrible here yesterday

sucide bomber try to blow off the Nato Team in Kabul
but no one was injured

but the civilians two of them was killed.

nothting happen to the US Army
that was why i didn't have the time to come online yesterday


KABUL: A suicide car bomber targeted a convoy of foreign forces in the capital Kabul on Sunday, killing at least four Afghan civilians, including children, and wounding dozens, Afghan security officials said.

The attacker detonated his vehicle in a busy part of western Kabul, said interior ministry spokesman Sediq Sediqqi. Two children and one woman were among the dead, a police statement said, while some 35 others were wounded.

Local TV footage showed at least one ISAF military vehicle was slightly damaged in the attack. A spokesman for the NATO-led force in the country said they were looking into the incident but did not comment on the details. Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid claimed responsibility for the attack.

Av loren adams - 10 augusti 2014 21:11

i am about leaving..but im still busy.. 

 i got urgent calls again... i will have to go now..

Happiness will happen okay ?

 i am going out now   .

Av loren adams - 8 augusti 2014 21:51

I got friends here in Afghanistan.


  I will miss them all      

Av loren adams - 6 augusti 2014 22:34

alot of horrible things do happen here
and i don't like it
just worried that i need to get out from here soon
But it's okay now
im doing fine
my days are numbered here
my plans are intact
.i just have to get out from here
Someone waiting for me
my Angel that gives me Hope and brought back the lost love to me .
and we love each other most
because we are happy to be in love
i am happy man


Av loren adams - 5 augusti 2014 23:26

KABUL—A man wearing an Afghan military uniform gunned down a U.S Army general and injured 14 other coalition troops at an officers school near Kabul on Tuesday, claiming the highest ranking American casualty in more than a decade of war in Afghanistan.


On Tuesday, an assailant wearing an Afghan military uniform gunned down a U.S Army major general, the highest-ranking American casualty since the war began.

Rear Adm. John Kirby, the Pentagon press secretary, said the attacker, who was killed, was believed to be an Afghan soldier and not an outside insurgent wearing an Afghan military uniform.

Afghan police and soldiers have periodically opened fire on coalition troops, fraying trust between allies. But Tuesday's attack was unprecedented in terms of how high-ranking the casualties were. Pentagon officials said the general was believed to be the first American general killed in an overseas combat zone since the Vietnam War.

An Afghan security official stands guard at the Qargha camp in Kabul. European Pressphoto Agency

Military officials asked The Wall Street Journal to withhold identifying the U.S general until his family could be notified of the death.

Adm. Kirby said American and NATO officers were taking part in a routine site visit to the training center when the assailant opened fire.

The number of such attacks on coalition forces crested in 2012, when at least 61 coalition troops were killed by Afghans in military or police uniform. Such "green-on-blue" incidents have been less frequent in recent months, as the coalition reduced its presence, and U.S and allied troops took added precautions such as visiting their Afghan counterparts under the watch of "guardian angels"—or armed guards poised to shoot potential attackers.

Adm. Kirby described such attacks as a "pernicious threat" that were impossible to completely eliminate. But he noted that Tuesday's incident on U.S forces was now a rarity in Afghanistan, a fact he cited as an example of progress.

Such fratricide attacks were most frequent when coalition forces accompanied Afghan troops in joint patrols on the ground. Coalition officers blamed the attacks on cultural misunderstandings between Afghan and foreign troops, as well as infiltration of Afghan police and army ranks by committed insurgents. Such joint patrols are rare now, as coalition forces mostly train and advise Afghan troops.

"As terrible as today is—and it's a terrible day, a terrible tragedy—we haven't seen in the course of the last year or so a spate of these insider attacks," Adm. Kirby said.

U.S officials said the attack would have no impact on America's overall strategy in Afghanistan or the military's confidence in the Afghan security forces. The coalition's current military mission ends in December, but Washington plans to maintain a limited military force in Afghanistan after that deadline, provided the next Afghan president signs a security agreement with the U.S

Though Afghanistan held a presidential election on June 14, the two candidates—former Finance Minister Ashraf Ghani and former Foreign Minister Abdullah Abdullah —have both claimed victory, precipitating a recount. Both men have pledged to sign the security agreement once in office.

Tuesday's shooting took place in a largely secure facility where aspiring Afghan officers are trained under international supervision. Coalition officials said the attacker, armed with a light machine gun, opened fire at midday Afghan time during a "key leader engagement"—military shorthand for a meeting between coalition military officers and their Afghan counterparts.

In addition to the coalition casualties, the attacker injured three senior Afghan officers, including the facility's commander, Gen. Ghulam Sakhi, Afghan and coalition officials said. The injured included a German brigadier-general, whose wounds weren't life-threatening, the German military said.

The site of the attack, the Afghanistan National Military Academy, is located on the grounds of the Marshal Fahim National Defense University complex in Kabul, according to the U.S.-led International Security Assistance Force.

Loosely structured along the lines of the U.S military academy at West Point, the National Military Academy of Afghanistan opened in 2005 under the supervision of American advisors. Most of the training there is done by Afghan instructors. The heavily guarded facility is located in the same compound as a U.K.-funded officer academy.

The training center also includes a U.K.-funded facility, loosely modeled on the British military academy at Sandhurst. Since October, the British military has helped train the recruits, who on campus are supposed to be unarmed.

Days after the British-supervised facility first opened, an Afghan soldier opened fire and injured two coalition troops close to the academy's entrance.

Until Tuesday, the highest-ranking U.S soldier to die in Afghanistan was Brig. Gen. Terence Hildner, who died of natural causes in 2012. There are no other known cases of U.S generals dying because of enemy fire in Afghanistan.

It is rare for high-ranking officers to fall victim of insider attacks. In Feb. 2012, an Afghan policeman gunned down a U.S colonel and major at the Afghan Ministry of Interior compound in Kabul. The incident, which the Taliban attributed to an insurgent infiltrator, prompted the commander of coalition forces to temporarily pull scores of foreign advisers from Afghan ministries.

A year earlier, an Afghan air force officer opened fire on his foreign colleagues, killing eight American troops and a civilian employee of the coalition. The Taliban also took credit for that attack.

The Taliban didn't claim responsibility for Tuesday's killing, however. On Twitter, a Taliban spokesman described the attacker as an "Afghan officer."

Maj. Gen. Zahir Azimi, the Afghan Ministry of Defense spokesman, said that a "terrorist wearing an Afghan National Army uniform" turned a weapon on academy instructors and foreign visitors.

In a statement, Afghan President Hamid Karzai condemned Tuesday's attack, describing it as "an act by the enemies who don't want to see Afghanistan have strong institutions."

In a separate incident, an Afghan guard shot at a foreign soldier as he was exiting a government compound in the eastern province of Paktia, according to Afghan police. The soldier was injured.

Ghulam Dastagir Rassoulyar, the deputy police chief of Paktia, said that the motive was unclear and that authorities were investigating the incident.

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